Financial planning can be integrated and comprehensive bringing all elements of your financial situation (like retirement planning, investments, insurance and college funding) together and coordinated into a cohesive plan.

Or, financial planning can be very specific, focusing on a single issue of importance or concern to you.

In either case, financial planning is a process, not a one-time event where you receive a final answer.

The following are services available:

  1. Financial planning, by topic or situation or comprehensive
  2. Investment management services
  3. Small business retirement plan consulting
  4. Financial wellness programs and education classes


The Journey

An all-inclusive look into your financial world. Experience a renewed sense of direction and a greater confidence knowing that every aspect of your financial world is working together to move you to the place you want to be.


Get an early start. There is no greater tool for building wealth than time. Give your future self a gift by investing now in knowledge and habits that will pay off down the road.

Return Trip

A refresh of your investment goals & strategies. You will feel empowered knowing that your investments and your goals are in perfect alignment, guided by investing wisdom that has stood the test of time.


You choose the path, we will guide the way. Choose your own adventure by working with a fiduciary financial planner one project at a time. Whether you want a second opinion or simply someone to confirm you’re on the right track, you can rest easy knowing the advice you receive is to the highest professional standards and always in your best interest.