Hunter Smith


Hunter is a full-time Paraplanner for Financial Avenues as of March 2024. He attended the University of Central Missouri (UCM), earning degrees in Finance and Economics in just two and a half years. His current focus with the firm is learning all processes related to Schwab, Vanguard and Fidelity, including trading. He assists with gathering and reviewing client information, participates in client meetings, takes notes and helps with all clients follow up. He will continue to expand his skills and responsibilities with the firm. Hunter lives in Lenexa and will primarily be in Financial Avenues Leawood office to serve clients in the future.

Why did you want to work at Financial Avenues?

When looking at financial planning firms to join, Financial Avenues stood out to me because they prioritize transparency, integrity, and personalized attention to help clients achieve their financial goals. I am passionate about assisting others to navigate their financial journeys, and working at Financial Avenues allows me to make a meaningful impact in people's lives by providing them with the guidance and support they need to secure their financial futures.

What piece of financial advice would you give your younger self?

I am still on the younger side, but my advice would be to prioritize saving and investing early on. Investing as soon as possible, even with small amounts, can make a significant difference over time due to the power of compounding. I would advise myself to create a budget, live below my means, and avoid unnecessary debt.

What's one thing on your bucket list you have yet to accomplish?

Almost all the items on my bucket list include travel, but if I had to choose one travel destination it would be to visit New Zealand. It would be an amazing experience to be surrounded by mountains, and at the same time have an opportunity to go to the beach on the same trip!